Breast Forms

In addition to taking special care to make sure your bra is properly fitted, our trained and Certified mastectomy fitters will make sure your prosthesis is the right size and shape. Today's lighter weight, more supple breast forms fit securely in your pocketed bra resembling the shape, size and texture of your natural breast like never before.

For women who prefer a prosthesis that adheres directly to their chest wall, we offer the Contact prosthesis. This form, that adheres directly to the skin and moves with the body, provides more freedom in clothing and bra choices. It can also be worn traditionally in a pocketed bra.

And, for the ultimate in custom fit, we offer a custom molded prosthesis, shaped to fit the unique contour, shape and skin tone of the individual woman. This custom breast prosthesis comes closer to matching a woman’s individual profile than any standard, off-the-shelf prosthesis.

But we have not forgotten the women who have had breast conserving surgery or reconstruction. For them we offer symmetry shapers and enhancers. For women having difficulty achieving the symmetry they had prior to surgery, or whose shape has changed over time, symmetry shapers are ideal. And for women undergoing the reconstruction process adjustable enhancers, worn during the expansion process, adapt to her changing shape.

Many styles of prosthesis come in blush and tawny shades. And all of this means a more comfortable secure feeling with greater flexibility and freedom of movement; whether relaxing at home or participating in today's active lifestyles.

Products shown are representative of the many styles and colors we carry. Exact products in stock at the time of your visit may vary. If there is an item that interests you please feel free to call or email us for availability.

Gift certificates available. Call or email us for details.